Universal Atomization Sprinkler Automatic Watering Kits


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Product description

Transform your garden care routine with our high-performance Universal Atomization Sprinkler Automatic Watering Kits.

  • 2024 Upgrade quality: Updated mist nozzles are made of copper, Easy connect, leak-proof and self-sealing Tee Joint, high quality UV treated flexible tubing; The misting set can serve you for a long time

  • Misting watering: Watering by misting can cover a more large area than traditional watering, increasing humidity effectively and reducing dust particles, giving a uniform water volume for plant watering in garden, vegetable land,landscaping,greenhouse, giving a continuous misting water for cleaning in livestock farm

  • Creating a natural cooling area: The fantastic outdoor cooling system provides a natural water cooling area, release you from the indoor bad air conditions and enjoy the fantastic outdoor sight in hot summer, surrounding air temperatures down to 20 degrees, bring you a cool summer and a more healthy life

  • Adjustable nozzles: Help you save water when watering plants and flowers; Meet the strict requirements of greenhouse seedlings and flower crops for water mist; 360° rotatable flexible misting line, The extender can be bent to make any angle as you like

  • Widely used scenarios: Misting Cooling System widely apply for garden, greenhouse, Fan cooling, landscaping, humidification, outdoor cooling system, Trampoline water park, Swimming pool misting cooling, epidemic prevention, spraying disinfectant, deodorant air purification, Mist mosquito and so on

Installation steps:

---The nozzle has a built-in metal hose, which can be bent and fixed at any 360 degrees, which is convenient for adjusting the place where the spray is needed and specifying the direction;
---It is recommended that the water pressure is above 2Bar and the water volume is 24 liters per hour.
--Adjusted to the jet state, the amount of water per hour is 72 liters. The longer the length of the tube, the greater the water pressure required;
--The new material PE pipe can withstand 10 kg of pressure. Copper sprinklers and tubes have a long service life and good atomization effect.

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