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Product description

【Small Roller Wall Latex Paint】This product has carefully developed 16 colors in order to better meet the needs of customers, which can almost meet various personalized needs in our life. You can DIY the walls at will to make the colors brighter in your life.

【Safe and Environmentally Friendly Materials】Using high-quality environmentally friendly materials, low formaldehyde content, and will not cause harm to our bodies. Fast drying in 3-4 hours without soiling hands or clothes.

【Strong Hiding Power】Our small rolling latex paint on the wall conforms to the international standard for concealing walls, which can easily remove advertisements, dirty shoe prints, and naughty graffiti of children on the wall, and it can be brushed off with a single brush. , The walls are clean and tidy.

【Intimate Design】The intimate roller brush and paint two-in-one design, compared with traditional brushes, our products will not leave traces on the wall after use, small size, light weight, convenient and convenient for us to use when going out for construction .

【How to Use】First of all, we need to remove the dust, oil stains and loose substances on the wall, then open the bottle cap and squeeze out the latex paint and roll it on the wall. After use, we need to clean the small roller and dry it for the second time use.

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